My Story

A little more about me, my journey and that all-important life experience. Split into three chapters; health & well-being, professions and education, this page illustrates my diverse background and expertise.

Health &Well-Being


Professional Development
2011 - Present

Over the last decade I have obtained a variety of qualifications and diplomas in counselling, coaching, cognitive-based therapies, mindfulness-based curriculums, and various body-based approaches, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).


I am accredited by the professional body ACCPH for counselling, coaching, and therapeutic approaches. I am also accredited by the professional body BAMBA as a teacher and supervisor for the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Programmes. 


In accordance with the various professional bodies, I receive monthly supervision; offering continuous improvement and training. 

Two fields I'm very passion about are trauma and resilience. I have explored in great depth trauma-based theories and treatments and am greatly inspired by teachers such as Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, and Stephen Porges. I combine this work with various other techniques to facilitate great understanding of trauma and healing. Currently I'm undertaking the yearlong professional graduate programme with Gabor Mate in Compassionate Inquiry; deepening the exploration of trauma, adverse effects of childhood, and healing through wholeness. Furthermore, I have created, designed, and received official recognition for my Resilience In-depth 6-Week programme, which can be taught within a group setting or one-to-one. 

I'm extremely passionate and dedicated to learning and growth, maintaining a devoted continuous improvement commitment; honing and adapting my skills to continuously and effectively help so many people. 

"Peaceful moment

at Dhanakosa"

Personal Study
2011 – Present

Since beginning my wellness journey in Vietnam, I’ve been meditating, reading, and studying diverse sources to ensure continuous development of my depth of knowledge in the health and wellness field. I continue to engage in a wide variety of mindfulness practices encompassing both formal and informal meditation, and movement mindfulness; including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga, and study a rich diversity of material in all things well-being; trauma-based therapies, resilience-based practices, cognitive-based theories, and so much more. 

Mindfulness Retreats
2014 – Present

I’ve partaken in an array of retreats, ranging in style, teaching technique, and meditation depth. These varied in duration, from a single day up to a week; gaining insight and wisdom from each one. Examples of just some of the topics the retreats focused on were; Mindfulness in Everyday Life, Mindful Eating, Hill walking and Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Qi Gong embracing embodiment and energy work, Awakening to Reality and Meditation, and silent solitary retreats concentrating on meditation, movement and personal study.



Award-Winning Health & Well-Being
Facilitator, Counsellor, and Coach
2017 – Present

I support a variety of people to reduce their stress and anxiety, helping address things like depression, difficult emotions, and challenging situations, and teach numerous tools and techniques in how to feel more energised, confident, and empowered, through building resources, productivity and resilience!

Organisational Development Assistant
in Skills Development Scotland
2016 – 2017

Within my role I created, designed and facilitated various introductory workshops; ‘Mindfulness in the Workplace’. These ranged in style and length, were piloted to various directorates throughout the business, and received great success and feedback.

My role also involved supporting a wide range of organisational development activities, such as carrying out financial procedures for projects, co-ordinating events and activities and assisted with the design and development of events. Furthermore, I provided support to the Modern Apprentices by investigating learning requirements, designing learning schedules, and assisting with the design and delivery of modules. A crucial aspect to my role involved providing support to individuals with Additional Support Needs within specific areas of the business, including meetings and one-to-one training.

"En route to teach

my first ever

mindfulness workshop"

Teacher in 12 International School,
2014 – 2015

I taught English as a foreign language to a wide-range of students in the city of Mianyang and through executing unique and adaptable lesson plans, I ensured all my students achieved their full potential. I found engaging in the interests of students a good way of encouraging learning and I used motivational techniques to bring as much life to the classroom as possible. With engagement came enthusiasm and ultimately lessons that were filled with enjoyment.

Various Roles within
Diverse Industries
2002 – 2014

Since my first role, I've worked in a diverse range of industries. These include: hospitality, retail, telemarketing and more broadly the service and customer-care industry, construction, environmental services, government and councils, education (home and abroad), administration, and computer-aided design. This experience has given me vast knowledge of working environments and cultures.


2005– Present

Variety of Qualifications in Wellness Field

I have obtained a variety of qualifications and diplomas in numerous areas, such as counselling, mindfulness, EFT, coaching, and body-based work.

I am continuously learning, studying, and honing my skills to aid the work that I do with each individual, and I have a dedicated continuous improvement commitment each year; honing and adapting my skills to not only be relevant to the new research and studies, but to ensure I have the most up-to-date skills in helping others heal and improve their lives.

"Absolutely over

the moon on

graduation day"

MSc with Distinction in
Human Resource Management
2015 – 2016

I was awarded Master’s with Distinction from Strathclyde Business School, accredited by CIPD. The degree included the study of a diverse array of topics; including employee relations, health & well-being, and human resource development. Individual projects focused on two main areas; talent management and diversity in the recruitment process.

2:1 BA (Hons) in Sociology
2005 – 2009

My undergraduate degree in social sciences at Strathclyde University incorporated various subjects; sociology, psychology, politics, history and economics, illustrating a broad-base of knowledge. Furthermore, I produced a dissertation in Sociology involving research, interviews, focus groups and written submission which received a distinction level award.

“Brilliantly delivered Resilience course by

Kay Young. I thought I knew about Resilience, but Kay expertly presented it through new key concepts, ideas, and themes that deepened my understanding and awareness of this subject.”