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My name's Kay, and I am an award-winning mindfulness teacher and coach. The essence of mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware of the present; of yourself and of your surrounding environment whilst withholding judgement. Mindfulness is also an umbrella term which incorporates aspects of emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and much more. Thus, facilitation is paramount to achieving the various benefits, for instance; reduction of stress, resilience when faced with adversity, and improved mental health and overall well-being.

I began my mindfulness journey in Vietnam over ten years ago, and since then I’ve continued to research, study, learn, and teach. This journey has contributed to my daily mindfulness practice, and is a skill I call upon to balance the various aspects of day-to-day life. Mindfulness can provide a sense of balance, and I therefore seek to use my knowledge and experience to help people across Scotland improve their lives in today’s busy world.

I provide a range of services to individuals, schools and organisations to promote overall well-being. My workshops teach tools and techniques which are transferable for use at home and at work, and my Master's degree in Human Resource Management provides the necessary corporate knowledge to integrate mindfulness into business. I am a motivating and inspiring facilitator with strong communication and interpersonal skills. My passion is mindfulness and I convey this in my workshops to provide the utmost encouragement to students in learning what I would regard as an essential life skill.

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“Really enjoyed the session, Kay has so much knowledge and is so passionate about it. Was a great experience!”

Introduction to Mindfulness


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Invest in People

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