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A Little About Me

& What I Provide

My name's Kay, and I am an award-winning health & well-being facilitator, counsellor and coach. I support a variety of people to reduce their stress and anxiety, helping address things like depression, difficult emotions, and challenging situations, and teach numerous tools and techniques in how to feel more energised, confident, and empowered, through building resources, productivity, and resilience! 

I began my journey in Vietnam learning mindfulness over ten years ago, and what an incredible journey it has been since then; embracing all things health and well-being and continuing to research, study, learn, and teach. I use my knowledge and experience to help so many people around the world improve their lives in various ways; supporting individuals and organisations in today’s busy and stressful world.

My services include counselling, coaching, and group-based facilitated sessions. I offer retreats, workshops, and 6-8 week programmes, including topics such as mindfulness and meditation, emotional intelligence, EFT tapping, resilience-based techniques, and cognitive-based therapies. 


Many of my services are open to the public and are either group-based or one-to-one sessions; supporting individuals to feel better and improve their overall health and well-being. I also bring my Masters' Degree in Human Resource Management and experience within Organisational Development into organisations and facilitate workplace sessions; tailored to suit you and your organisational needs.  

Invest in People

Invest in Well-Being


“Such an exceptional service and in each session,

Kay demonstrates the breadth and depth of knowledge

she possess and shares with others.

Kay emanates calm and the resources she offers

fully supports you in your wellness journey.

A fantastic opportunity and one I will cherish.”

1:1 Coaching & Counselling