In the Workplace

Company-specific, in-house workshops are the perfect way to introduce mindfulness into the workplace. They range in style, length and depth, to suit every organisation and its requirements.

Getting Started


This one-hour workshop gives participants an introduction to mindfulness and meditation and why it is useful. We conclude with a mini practice session, allowing first-hand experience of meditation techniques, and a discussion allowing everyone to engage in an exchange of ideas, answering any questions or queries within a relaxed and friendly environment. 


This two-hour workshop gives participants an in-depth introduction to mindfulness and emotional intelligence; diving into definitions, theories and real-life examples, whilst incorporating aspects of neuroscience; providing scientific evidence to what's covered. This is followed by a practice session, allowing for first-hand experience of meditation techniques, and we close the workshop with a group discussion, where participants receive support and guidance on how best to take forward their mindfulness practice. 



This half-day workshop provides the opportunity for participants to obtain a thorough understanding of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, alongside industry-based benefits, personal well-being, and neuroscience; providing scientific sustenance to this thousands-year-old practice. The group will also learn a range of mindfulness techniques and practices through first-hand experience. We conclude the session with an open discussion, allowing questions to be answered as well as giving everyone support and guidance on what has been covered.

Novice Series



These one-hour sessions incorporate the Essentials to Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & Meditation content outlined above, and is spread over the course of four weeks. This equips participants with the necessary skills to establish a regular mindfulness practice in amongst their busy schedules, whilst gaining a greater understanding of the theories and science behind them.

Weekly Practice


These thirty-minute to one-hour sessions are suitable for everyone, with no previous experience required. They give organisations the opportunity to equip their employees with a mindfulness haven within their hectic working environment. The sessions generally run every week and are effective at all times, though typically scheduled during the lunchtime period.

Cognitive Practices:

Finding Your Focus


Each individual and organisation is unique and a tailored workshop which addresses specific topics is often paramount to resolve workplace challenges. This one-hour workshop has been used within Financial Institutions with great success, custom-made to the organisations requirements. It includes theory, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence, followed by practices that help employees find and maintain their focus. 

Tailored To You


Mindfulness is an umbrella term and combines so many diverse areas. Each individual and organisation is unique and a tailored workshop which addresses specific topics is often paramount to resolve workplace challenges. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss workshops that can be custom-made to your organisations requirements; designed specifically for you.

“The session brought the opportunity to think differently about how we approach daily challenges whether it be in relation to stress, anxiety, or not being able to switch off.”

Introduction to Mindfulness


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