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Working with Emotions: A Mini Retreat

Updated: Feb 8

"When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life."


Positive emotions are more infectious than negative ones, yet it can often seem the other way around.

How best do we work with our emotions?

Imagine having more awareness and influence over your experience of your emotions.

Being able to engage with them, without being overwhelmed by them.

Learning to better work with your so called ‘negative’ emotions, and cultivate the ‘positive’ ones.

In this mini retreat, we’ll explore our emotions together, learning to better work with them, and encouraging the more positive emotions through simple yet effective techniques.


During our time together, we’ll be practicing meditation, sharing ideas with a gentle workshop, and having space to reflect and put into practice our learning.


Date: 13th March 2021

Time: 10:00 - 12:30

Location: Zoom online

To Book:

Facebook: This event is also registered on Facebook -

Cost: This event is priced on a sliding scale -

Tickets range from £20 (plus Eventbrite charge) to £10, depending if you are in paid employment, low income, or suffering from financial hardship due to the pandemic. Please select whichever is most appropriate for you. I wish to make sure nobody is left out, especially during these difficult times.

Any questions, please get in touch - and we can have a chat.


For a list of testimonials from students who have taken part in sessions before, please visit


This retreat is intended for individuals who have a regular meditative practice and have been practicing for at least 6 months. If you’d like to discuss the retreat with me, to ensure it’s suitable, please drop me an email and we can have a chat!

Health and Wellness

If you have been suffering from any mental health recently and are unsure if the retreat is suitable, please get in touch – – and we can do what we can to support everyone!

I look forward to seeing you then! :)


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