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Testimonials - 1 to 1 Sessions

Updated: Apr 24

It's amazing to have received so much incredible feedback after sessions. Here's a list of some examples of testimonials which have been given by one-to-one students.


“Amazing and the knowledge this lady has is just incredible.

It was so nice having someone to talk to without being judged.

Definitely recommend!”


"I experienced big shifts even in the first few weeks. Incredible.

Couldn't recommend more!"


“I can’t thank Kay enough for her support that she has provided me so far. Kay is very friendly,

professional and extremely helpful. I feel reassured and resourced. Thank you 😊”



"Through sessions with Kay, I gained an understanding of the inner peace and strength

that can be gained from being truly alive to the present moment.

I benefited from being heard and listened to

in a non-judgmental, confidential environment. And so importantly, I learnt tools

that have transformed how I feel on a day-to-day basis. These tools equip me

to face life’s challenges and adversities with more confidence and strength,

and I am forever grateful."


“Kay has been so lovely and really listened and understood exactly what I was feeling. Could not recommend enough!”



“Kay has such a caring and calming manner, She is Inspirational in many ways :)

I believe everyone, if possible, should experience this. I truly feel I have been given

an amazing gift with the knowledge and tools from these sessions.”


“I highly recommend working with Kay, she has helped me achieve a level of calmness and

self-awareness that has very much helped my sense of well being and I feel

better equipped to handle daily stresses and anxieties. I look forward to

working more with her in the future.”


"Simply absolutely wonderful. There are no words!"


“Kay's session was warm, compassionate and attuned to my personal needs.

It brought clarity and helped lead me toward self-care practices in an empowering,

focused and non-daunting way. Which is just what I needed! Thank you so much <3”


"Absolutely brilliant! So much was learned in such a small space of time and I can’t wait

to try these simple techniques out to help with anxiety! Kay is such a lovely,

gentle teacher who creates a calming environment for her students.”


"I have achieved the ability to love, care, appreciate

and value myself instead of being my worst critic.

I've addressed my sleep patterns, improved my relationships,

and my life in general is now just so much better.

I think Kay is one of life’s true gems, and couldn't recommend more."


"I feel resourced, stronger, and more confident. Couldn't recommend more!"


“I have been suffering with anxiety for a few years now.

Before my sessions, I never knew how to cope with panic attacks.

Everything in the sessions has been so helpful. The techniques Kay has taught me have

become a huge part of my everyday life. I regularly use them and they make a huge difference!

Kay is very easy to talk to, and she makes you feel like you can say what you want without any judgement!”


For a public listing page where individuals have posted some reviews themselves about my services, please click here.

If you're interested in one-to-one sessions, get in touch! I'd love to chat with you! :)



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