• Kay

Support & Resources for these Tough Times

Times are really difficult just now and stress levels could be at there worst for many.

What’s one thing that supports you when your most stressed? Usually the answer is connection. Connection with yourself, and with friends and family, whatever form that looks like for you.  As we're being asked not to have those important things right now, being encouraged to have social distancing from the people we love and care about, many are left feeling isolated and alone. That's the last thing I want anyone to feel. Therefore, it's vital that we still connect - in the best way we can just now - online.  I'm going to be sharing various resources over the next wee while, and these will be a mix of meditations, live videos, pictures, and other resources that I think can help. Also at Dhanakosa we'll be creating lots of lovely resources which I can also share. I want everyone to know that they are not alone, we are all here together, and we can all support one another through this. I'll be sharing these in my Facebook Group; Mindfulness & Meditation Circle. This is a free group and all you need to do is ask to join and be with us.

May you all be safe and well. x