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A Good Night's Sleep - Workshop

"Sleep is the golden chain that ties health & our bodies together"

A good night’s sleep... Tired of sitting up late at night and worrying about everything and anything? What if you could let go of that worrying mind and lie down in bed comfortably and relax. Imagine drifting off to sleep without the tossing and turning… This workshop will help you do that and more! We’ll explore the neuroscience behind why sleep is important, delve into what a good night-time routine looks like, investigate what makes the mind so busy at night and what you can do about it, and practice a simple yet effective meditation to send you off to sleep. Interested? What’s stopping you! Join us and learn more about how you can get that good nights sleep you deserve. What’s Included

• Live session on zoom together • PDF resources provided afterwards • Audio meditation provided for you to use at any time • Sharing with other like-minded people Details

Time: 6pm - 7:30pm

Date: Thursday 3rd June

Location: Online with zoom

How to book:

Cost: Early bird ticket - £13.60 and general admission - £20.00 (plus Eventbrite charge)


Who is this session suitable for? Sessions are suitable for everyone. If have been struggling with mental health recently, give me a call and discuss the session to ensure it's right for you. Drop me an email – How do I get in touch with the organiser?


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