I  bring to sessions a multi-disciplined approach,

and through incorporating the best aspects of

each therapeutic field, I provide the most supportive

and life-changing experience for everyone.

1 to 1 Sessions

Let's put things into perspective...

We all spend money on things to make ourselves feel better.

Holidays are a great example! 

We can spend hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pounds on holidays to make ourselves feel better. 

Even though we're feeling stressed out, it's great to have something to look forward to! 

Then afterwards, we come home and realise we're in exactly the same position as we started out in! 

We are stressed, struggling to cope, and back to our day-to-day responsibilities and challenges...

And now we've not even got that holiday to look forward to! 
Are you not tired of having to grasp at holidays...comfort food...Netflix...and the various other coping mechanisms we've created?

Trying to make yourself feel better but ending up feeling even worse? 

Why do these not ever last? Because they are short-term fixes...

Not only that, but they are actually more detrimental to us than we realise...
What if you could truly start to feel so much better...

Waking up each day feeling nourished, content and resilient?

Imagine spending even less than you would on holidays and gaining life-long tools and techniques that empower you each day...

Healing your past and embracing your present with all that life has to offer?
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That's exactly what I can help with...

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I'm an award winning facilitator, counsellor and coach. 

I combine a variety of approaches to bring you the most supportive and life-changing experience. 

Each person is unique and adapting sessions to suit your needs and aspirations is essential for you to get the support you are looking for. 
"Kay has such a caring and calming manner, she is inspirational in so many ways :) I believe everyone, if possible, should experience this. I truly feel I have been given amazing gifts with these sessions." 

One-to-one client, May-21

So, how to get started?

Before we arrange sessions, we have a free
30-minute consultation chat on the phone. 

Why chat before sessions?

It's so important to connect with one another before any sessions take place. A chance for you to share what you're struggling with, and for me to share how I can help. A chance to make sure we are a great fit together and for you to ask any questions you might have. 
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Also during our call, we'll chat about the different packages that are on offer and discuss what feels best for you. The call is purely a chance for us to connect. There's no pressure from me whatsoever. 

After our call, I'll send an email with a summary of the info to allow you the space to reflect, read over, and take some time - so that you can decide what's the best for you.

So, what's stopping you?

 Give yourself this gift of long-lasting health and well-being! 

What are you waiting for? 

Get in touch and let's chat about sessions :-) 

Ways to get in touch:


Call: (+44) 07901937187

Or click here for the contact form through the website. 
Don't just take my word for it...

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Give yourself the 
gift of healing

“Kay has such a warm and welcoming manner, it is impossible not to feel instantly at ease in her company.”

One-to-One Sessions