Knows No Bounds

This community project initiative aims to provide health and well being services to everyone, no matter financial circumstance.

Everybody deserves to be healthy and happy.


"A super exciting and successful launch day!"


"Getting creative regardless of age"

The Mission

Knows No Bounds brings health and well-being events and programmes to all in Scotland, no matter the area or income. The social enterprise project is driven by myself, with the help of my team of health and well-being enthusiasts, to ensure that there are no boundaries in supporting people to become healthier and happier. The vision is to help tackle our health epidemic by bringing individuals together within communities to learn how to look after their health, no matter where they live or their financial status. Donations made go towards supporting those in need, and giving access to courses, counselling, and programmes to those suffering financial hardship.

How It Works

To look after our overall health, we must take into account both physical and mental health. That’s just how this enterprise project works; teaching communities how to look after their mental health with mindfulness, meditation and creativity, and physical health with varieties of movements and dance. Knows No Bounds aims to teach these helpful tools and techniques to allow people to flourish with their health, not just survive. 


The projects aim to bring people together within their communities to learn how to improve their health and well-being in a fun, informal, and creative way. The costs are kept to an absolute minimum to ensure as many can attend, and are supported by a ‘Pay It Forward’ Model; participants have the opportunity to donate money to pay for someone else’s place at a future event; allowing the events to reach more people who are financially less fortunate.


"One wee activity;

endless unique and creative thoughts"


"Proud as punch!"


The sessions are tailored to suit the community, with both adult workshops and youth programmes being available, and can involve various segments; such as mindfulness and meditation, dance, yoga, pilates, and arts and crafts.


This 3-hour event involves three segments, and the primary message is creativity! The event kicks off with a mindfulness and meditation workshop, followed by dance and pilates, and closes with arts and crafts, for an all-round health and well-being half day. This event can also be broken into individual segments, to allow groups within the community to chose mindfulness, dance, or arts and crafts. 


This taster session combines a workshop on mindfulness with practicing meditations together, lasting 2-hours, or adapted to suit the community. 


This 8-16-week course is designed for 7-11-year olds, whilst also being amendable to suit other ages, and allows young people the opportunity to learn this incredible life skill, over the course of 16 sessions. Ideal for afterschool kids’ clubs within the community centre!


These regular practice sessions are invaluable for allowing the community to continue their practice of mindfulness and meditation, providing ongoing support along their journey. Each session can be anything from 30 minutes long to a half day mini retreat, and are adaptable to suit the community. 



This 8-week course is the official curriculum of the MBSR Programme, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, with each session lasting 2-hours, and teaches mindfulness-based theories and practices to a wide variety of individuals in a group setting.

“Kay has such a warm and welcoming manner, it is impossible not to feel instantly at ease in her company.”